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The Spirituality of Place

November 2013

Dear Friends of St. Bridget,
One of the organizing principles of the Franciscan Study Pilgrimage I experienced recently is The Spirituality of Place.  In short, this captures what makes a particular place holy.
For example, the shrine at Greccio, the place where St. Francis arranged the Nativity scene with live people and animals for the first time, the Spirituality of Greccio, is the incarnation.  God humbling himself, becoming flesh, and how St. Francis celebrated this great event with such devotion, awe and with such a great love.
Being there in that place, Greccio, one can experience even now the holiness of St. Francis, and of all that took place there so many centuries ago.
When I think of St. Bridget’s, and the Spirituality of this place, certain thoughts come to mind: there is a warmth, a strong sense of community, a deep faith, and a generous spirit that makes this Holy PlaceSt. Bridget’s parish – so special.
The people who are honored this year with the Friends of St. Bridget Award, exemplify this spirituality.  Mrs. Christina Kistler, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Mastrobuono, Miss Zoe Singer and Rev. W. Frederick Kindon.
These good people live the spirituality of St. Bridget’s parish:  they help to build up the parish community through their presence, and by assisting in various ways.  They are people of deep faith in Jesus Christ who faithfully join in the offering of the Mass; they generously serve the Church with their time, talent and their treasure.
We salute them and we thank them for helping St. Bridget’s parish to be the special parish it truly is.  These good people represent so many good people who foster the Spirituality of place, St. Bridget’s Parish.
Father Devlin