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The One Thing Necessary

Mystics always bring this message in some form: “Do not be afraid.” They know that it is all okay and finally okay, too! They want to tell you so that you can stop fretting and fearing and enjoy divine union now. “Enjoy” is the operative word. Mystical experience allows you to enjoy your own life, and to stop creating enemies and people to be afraid of and nations we have to punish and kill. When you are enjoying deep union, you won’t need to create divisions, mistrust, and separation. Conspiracy theories and tabloid gossip hold little interest for you.
True spiritual encounter changes your politics, your attitude toward money, your use of time, your relationship toward foreigners and the weak, your attitude toward war and nationalism. You are a citizen of the Big Kingdom now (Philippians 3:20). Be prepared to have a very different lifestyle afterwards. If you are not ready to change, don’t seek out God.
Once you have one sincere moment of divine union, you will want to spend your time on the one thing necessary, which is to grow deeper and deeper in love every chance that you get. Talk to someone who has had a near-death, or nearing-death, experience. They all agree: It’s all about love. It’s all about union.



Richard Rohr, OFM