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Thank You Very Much!

Thank you one and all for the beautiful chalices given in memory of my father, James Devlin.  These new chalices will be used by the parish when we have Holy Communion under both species at Sunday Masses.

New chalices for those time is sorely needed by St. Bridget’s.  The finishing inside the chalices we’ve used until now has started to flake and wear away.  The new chalices purchased with your donations are of a finer quality, more worthy to be used at Mass and should last for generations.

I know my father would be so very pleased to know that these chalices have been purchased  and donated to St. Bridget’s parish in his memory.  He was a life long, devoted catholic who participated in the Sunday offering of the Mass faithfully.  And before his health problems prevented him from being able to do so, my Dad always enjoyed visiting St. Bridget’s parish.

I’m going to take one of the chalices home this afternoon, to show my mother.  I know she’s going to be so touched by such a generous, thoughtful gift to St. Bridget’s in memory my Dad, and her husband of 52 years.

My Mom was discharged from Jefferson Hospital yesterday after having undergone her third back surgery since Monday, March 25.  It has been a long haul for her health-wise, let alone emotionally in the recent past.  Thank you for your prayers for her too.  We’re hoping “#3 is the charm, ” and now my Mom will begin to travel the road back to full health.

It is only through our faith in God, our trust in Jesus and his promises, and thanks to the prayers, love and support of so many people – people like the wonderful parishioners of St. Bridget’s – that me and my family have found the strength to live through such a painful, difficult time.

I was also given an ipad mini from the parish today – in honor of Fathers Day.  Thank You very much!  That’s a perfect gift!  I love it already and I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet!  Again, I am so very touched by your generosity.

As I said at the end of the 9 AM Mass today, I am the luckiest priest in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to be assigned to serve this wonderful parish of St. Bridget.  I am blessed!


Father Devlin