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Thank you Sisters of Saint Joseph

Thank You Sisters of Saint Joseph


Today St. Bridget’s parish celebrates a very significant anniversary, 125 years of faithful service to St Bridget’s of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill!!!!! 


Wow!!!! Isn’t that wonderful???!!! 


We are so blessed to have the Sisters of St. Joseph serving in our midst for a “century and a quarter.”  The SSJ’s who currently serve our great parish are part of a rich legacy of dozens of sisters who have generously served St. Bridget’s since 1888.  More than several young women of the parish have become Sisters of Saint Joseph, including a former Mother Superior of the Congregation, Mother Alice Anita, SSJ who grew up on Sunnyside Ave.   


Well named after St. Joseph, the SSJ’s embody the virtues and wonderful qualities found in Jesus’ “Foster Father.”  St. Joseph, a person of great faith, who loves, cares for and serves the Holy Family with great generosity and with great fidelity. 


Always helping, creating, reaching out to the “Dear Neighbor” in Nazareth; St. Joseph was the go- to neighbor who can fix, build, and see to your needs.  He’s the one you can always depend on – consistently doing what needs to be done, always ready to help.  Aren’t these the same good qualities – holy qualities – we have always seen in our Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill?


They have been and are women of great faith, of faithful prayer, who reach out with love and service to those in their midst; women who create community here at St. Bridget’s who build relationships and who are “ready for any good work,” as Bishop Kendrick said of the SSJ’s back in the day.


I know you join me in thanking the Sisters for these 125 years of dedicated service to St. Bridget’s parish.  Please also join me in uttering a prayer of Thanksgiving for all of the Sisters who have so generously served – and continue to serve – St. Bridget’s Parish!  Thank you, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill.  In appreciation of their work a donation has been made to the Sisters of St. Joseph in the name of St. Bridget Parish.  If you would like to send your own thank you their address is:

            Mount St. Joseph Convent

            9701 Germantown Avenue

            Philadelphia, PA 19118