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Resurrection People

Christ’s Resurrection is one that will never be repeated. That Resurrection is the ultimate victory of light over darkness. In our lives, we wait for resurrections, lowercase r. We live in many tombs; some are created of our own accords. Others have simply been given to us by our circumstances. God won’t leave us in the tomb, though. Jesus told us in John 10:10 that “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Christ longs to give us new life. We will have our resurrection, in whatever form we wait for. It may not come in the manner or timing expected. Often, God’s timing does not match with our own, and we are left waiting for much longer than the three days it took Christ to rise. Thus, we are called to await our resurrections in faith and hope.

What tombs do you inhabit? Perhaps an unexpected illness may have kept you feeling in darkness. Maybe your resurrection won’t be perfect healing, but a light in the darkness that gives you renewed strength to go on. Sometimes it is healing through a new treatment or way of living. For some, their tomb is addiction. This tomb is oppressive, but there are many who have resurrected from these tombs, with the grace of God and the help of groups such as AA. There is always a light.
You may feel stuck in darkness, hoping and praying for your spouse. Jesus will give you new life and resurrect you from agony. It may come in the form of meeting your spouse—much later than you expected. Your resurrection could even be realizing that someone who has been in your life a very long time will make an amazing spouse–for you! It may also be new purpose in using the gifts you have been given or in discovering the joy in a vocation to priesthood or religious life.
Christ will not disappoint you. He reaches out His nail-scarred hands to you, remnants of the suffering endured. His scars represent redemption. So, too, do ours. Whatever your tomb is, He will roll away your stone and reach out His hand for you to walk into your new life. Just wait for the dawning of a new day. Watch, because He will help you rise in a different way. One of these days, you’ll awake to see that the stone has been rolled away. Even if you’re feeling stuck in darkness this Easter season as you await a resurrection in your own life, remember the Resurrection! God conquered death itself; He can surely conquer the darkness in your own life. May you be blessed with Easter joy and live as a Resurrection People!