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Holy Communion Under Both Species For Advent

St. Bridget’s Parish will offer Holy Communion under both species at all the weekend Masses for the Season of Advent which begins this weekend, December 1 & 2, 2012.  As you may already know, we offer both species at each Daily Mass.  Both species refers to the Sacred Host & the Precious Blood of the Holy Eucharist.  While the whole Eucharist is present in the host, that is, the real presence of Christ under the appearance of bread, each time we receive the Holy Communion Host.  Offering the chalice so that the Precious Blood of the Lord may also be received by the Assembly adds to the fullness of the symbol of the Eucharist as the Body & Blood of the Lord.

To receive from the Chalice approach the Extra-ordinary Minister of Holy Communion once receiving the Host as you make your way back to your seat.  Those wishing to receive the Precious Blood will simply stop in front of the Extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who will say, “The Blood of Christ.”  To which the communicant responds, “Amen.”

This practice was recommended by the Pastoral Council as a way to add to the specialness of the Advent Season.