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Bill Riechers, New Director of Music

You know him already.  He’s the guy who brings to life the keys of piano/organ in church.  You may not know who is he personally, but you know his beautiful music.   Bill Riechers doesn’t just play the piano.  We all know this to be true: Bill Reichers creates wonderful sounds, hits soulful notes & reflective tones.  Yes, it’s truer to say, when Mr. Bill Reichers sits in front of our electric baby grand piano/organ in St. Bridget’s Church what we hear are lovely, prayerful sounds; beautiful music, music that truly enhances our worship & adoration of Almighty God.

Since we’ve already been blessed by his great instrumental talents – and his strong faith – Bill Riechers assuming the leadership role of St. Bridget’s Music Ministry will only add to our blessings.  And so, I happily announce to you that Bill Riechers is the new, Director of Music here at St. Bridget’s.   I thank Bill for his willingness to serve as Director of this essentially important ministry of the parish.  Think about it, what would Sunday Mass be like without music?  Music is essential to the liturgy.

Hiring Mr. Bill Reicher as Director of this ministry will continue the good efforts of Ms Kay Cubbin and the many, dedicated, talented parishioners who are members of the adult choir and the cantors who make up the St. Bridget’s music ministry.

Please join me in congratulating Mr Bill Reichers!

He and his wife Emily are also St. Bridget’s parishioners.

Father Devlin

Thank you Kay Cubbin!

I think you’d agree, the Music Ministry at St. Bridget’s Church is just wonderful. As you can well imagine, harnessing and encouraging personal talent takes a special gift. In other words, having beautiful music at Mass doesn’t just happen. It takes a special person to invite, encourage, train, and practice with those who would generously share their gifts with the community. That special person at St. Bridget’s has been Ms. Kay Cubbin.

Kay has volunteered as the Music & Liturgy Director at St Bridget’s parish for many, many years. She is the person behind the scenes who has directed our wonderful Music Ministry. In addition to being just a great person, Kay is one talented lady.

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end,” so it is with Kay’s generous service to St. Bridget as
Music & Liturgy Director. Her professional & personal responsibilities necessitate Kay stepping down from that position. Kay’s consistent good work, her generous spirit and her low maintenance style will be sorely missed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kay from me as pastor and from the whole St Bridget’s parish community!

Fr. Devlin

St. Bridget’s New Media Journey

Launching Our New Web Presence

St. Bridget’s is pleased to share the news of the launch of our new web presence at After a summer filled with reflection and construction, our new web presence is a warm and welcoming home for Catholics and friends, featuring necessary informational materials and content meant to evangelize.  As pleased as we are by our new website, we see both our site and St. Bridget’s Facebook page to very much be works in progress.

Receive Our E-mail Newsletter — St. Bridget’s is now posting regular news, events, and informational materials on our “Parish Life & News” blog. You can sign up via e-mail on our homepage to automatically receive the latest news and information as it’s published to ensure you don’t miss anything happening at the parish.

Like St. Bridget’s on Facebook — St. Bridget’s has truly joined the world of new and social media! We are excited to share our Facebook page, and encourage you to be a part of it by “Liking” the page to see our latest posts and interactions. We want our Facebook presence to be a digital home for all parishioners to dialogue, learn, and witness even when away from the parish, and during the week.

View and Post Photos & Video — Anyone can view beautiful photos of St. Bridget’s on our Facebook page under “Photos.” This is an area where we see needed enhancement.  We welcome anyone who would like to share photographs of the parish both current and past events showcasing St. Bridget’s.

If you have a Facebook account, you can also post your own photos (and even video) of the parish and events, gatherings, and Masses within the parish to share with everyone! Visit

Follow Fr. Devlin on Twitter — Fr. Devlin has a personal Twitter account, and is sharing information, observations, and the good news of the priestly life! Follow Fr. Devlin on Twitter to learn more about priestly life, and the diverse and fulfilling work of the Church.

Online Giving — In a first for St. Bridget’s we’re now accepting online giving through ParishPay, an intuitive and trustworthy Catholic giving service trusted by parishes nationally. Please consider signing up today to give weekly (or monthly, or on any regular basis!) to St. Bridget’s by visiting our website. All credit cards are accepted. Automating your giving can make life simpler!

Our Parish Calendar — For the first time, St. Bridget’s is now featuring a parish and community calendar on our website. The parish staff curates the calendar, and parish events can be submitted by e-mailing us. It’s a direct and easy way to stay informed and ensure you don’t miss an important community gathering!

Parishioner Registration — Ideally St. Bridget’s would like to be able to fully and easily register new parishioners via the website.  We hope to have this process worked out in the near future.

New Media Ministers Wanted — We are seeking parishioners to assist in our new web presence willing to work to enhance our web presence.

We want to form a technology/website committee that would take leadership of the parish website and media outreach efforts.

The goal is to bring creative minds together for the benefit of the parish.  If you’d be interested in being a member of this new committee, please contact Fr. Devlin: ; or Sister Margaret Jude, SSJ:

Mrs. Mary Beth Molloy has already volunteered to direct the parish Facebook Page, working in conjunction with Sister Margaret Jude, SSJ & Father Devlin.  Would you consider joining Marybeth in sharing your technology skills and your creativity?