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Social Justice: Human Trafficking

This past Sunday, Sister Mary Beth Hamm, SSJ gave an informative presentation on Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking

is defined as:
by means of:
for the purpose of:
Human Trafficking takes 2 Main Forms: Labor Trafficking and Sexual Trafficking
Super Bowl Sunday is the single biggest event related to  Human Trafficking. 3.8 million dollars are spent on 30 seconds of a Superbowl Commercial, while $90 is spent on a HUMAN BEING being trafficked.

What we, as Catholics promoting Social Justice, can do to do help:

1. Become Familiar: watch “White Gold: the True Cost of Cotton”
2. Spread the Word: Using Social Media
3. Volunteer at Dawn’s Place, a Safe House for women in forced prostitution, run by Catholic Charities:
4. Lobby for Legislation of SB 75:
Short Title: An Act amending Titles 18 (Crimes and Offenses) and 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, extensively revising the law on human trafficking in the areas of prosecution, prevention, victim protection, evidentiary confidentiality, limitation of actions and victim impact statements; and making editorial changes

St. Bridget Parish will host Sister Mary Beth Hamm,  SSJ again on March 16th, after the 11AM Mass for the topic of IMMIGRATION REFORM. All are welcome to attend.

The Week at a Glance

Busy week at Saint Bridget Parish!

Friday evening 11/22, 5:30-7PM:

Youth Choir Practice, last practice before Thanksgiving Mass.

Sunday 11/24:

 After the 11 AM Mass:
Cherub Choir Practice and Special Event:  “Caring for God’s Creation: Catholics and Global Climate Change” –Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark, SSJ
7-8PM in Church: First Tableau Practice, Roles and Costume needs will be planned

Thanksgiving Day Mass

Thanksgiving Day Mass Thursday, November 28th at 9:00 AM (Note time change). Bread will be blessed and distributed for your table.

Special Ministries

Thanksgiving Outreach

Volunteers will also be needed to help with assembling food baskets Monday morning, November 25th at 9:15am in the Rectory. There will also be a small delivery on Wednesday morning, November 27th at 11am.

Angel Tree

Angel Tree Gift Tags will be available to take off our Angel Tree this weekend after Mass. Please return all gifts with tags by December 9th.


November Parish Life


Friday, November 15, 2013, 6:30-8:00 PM


Children, entering Pre-Kindergarten thru 3rd grade, are invited to join us in Saint Brendan’s gathering space this Friday from 6:30-8:00 PM. Children will be read a story and relate it to Scripture,  complete a craft, and sing a song complementing the story. It will be a great time to meet other children in the Parish.


November 17, 2013 @ 11AM


 St. Bridget will celebrate All Souls Day on Sunday, November 17th at the 11AM Mass.  Your loved ones, deceased family members and friends, will be remembered during this month of November by placing their names on the envelope provided in your envelope packet.  There are also envelopes at the side entrance and the gathering space for your convenience.



December 15th @3PM

Adult Choir  practices on Monday evenings at 7:15 PM.
Youth Choir (4th grade and above) practices on Friday evenings, usually 5:00-6:30PM.
Cherub Choir (Kindergarten thru 3rd grade) practices after the 11 AM Mass on Sundays beginning 11/17.
Nativity (4th grade through High School) will practice Sunday November 24th 7-8PM. Monday December 9th 6:15-7:15 PM. Friday December 13th 5:00-6:00PM.
All Parish Youth are invited to be a part of this Saint Bridget Parish Tradition.

Sisters of Saint Joseph Serving at Saint Bridget Parish

This article comes from the SSJ newsletter.

Sunday morning, September 8, 2013, dawned beautiful, bright and sunny… perfect weather to mark a significant moment in the history of Saint Bridget Parish in Philadelphia. One hundred twenty-five years ago the Sisters of Saint Joseph began their ministry here in this picturesque locality of the Falls of the Schuylkill.
In 1884, Reverend William Walsh, pastor of Saint Bridget Parish,  recognized the need for a school and procured land on Stanton Street for this purpose. The cornerstone was laid in October 1887, and the school, dedicated by Archbishop Patrick Ryan, opened in September 1888.
The staff consisted of a band of eight Sisters of Saint Joseph. Since the convent was not completed, the sisters traveled each day by train and horse and buggy from Saint Michael Convent at Second and Jefferson Streets and Old Saint Joseph’s at Fourth and   Alley. The group included the superior, Mother Angela and the
following sisters: Sister Regina, Sister Laurentina, Sister Joachim, Sister Sabina, Sister Natalie, Sister Celestine and Sister Assunta. Since those original eight, 271 Sisters of Saint Joseph have ministered at Saint Bridget Parish and School.
Gratitude and love for the Sisters of Saint Joseph were evident as the congregation gathered for the 11:00 a.m. Liturgy, presided over by the pastor, Reverend Joseph P. Devlin.  The historic church was filled with parishioners, families, friends, and sisters. Many sisters who had been missioned there returned for the celebration, as well as sisters who entered the congregation from Saint Bridget Parish.  Among those in attendance was Sister Clare Annice White SSJ who entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1936 from Saint Bridget Parish.
Among those in attendance was Sister Clare Annice White SSJ who entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1936 from Saint Bridget Parish. She was thrilled to be there and proud to share that her father had done the original landscaping when the church was built. As the hymn, “Glorious Father Dear Saint Joseph,” was sung by the congregation, one could sense the pride, joy and memories that will always remain precious to the parishioners of Saint Bridget Parish and the Sisters of Saint Joseph.
Although the school is now closed, the presence of the Sisters of Saint Joseph continues through the dedication and ministries of Sisters Dorothy Crowley, Patricia Egan and Margaret Jude Sullivan, who minister at Saint Bridget Parish, and Sister Rosanne Orchon who is in residence. It would be difficult to describe the great good that has been accomplished and the many graces received over the past 125 years at Saint Bridget Parish. As Sisters of Saint Joseph, we are grateful for the opportunity and privilege of continuing to serve alongside our dear neighbors—the people of East Falls.


Information for the Fall Festival

October 26th after the 4PM Mass

Children may wear appropriate costumes to Mass
We are expecting 40 children to participate in the Trick-or-Treat Parade.  We are asking for a team effort to make this great Parish gathering.

Trick-or-Treat Parade begins at 5:30 PM:  

Children will decorate treat bags as soon as they enter the Hall. Bags will be used to collect their treats from Parishioners, as we did last year.

After the Parade:

Children will be able to make Halloween crafts and participate in games with prizes.

Parish will be providing:

Tomato Pie, Pretzels, Chicken Nuggets, and Hoagie Trays.

We are asking everyone to contribute something to the food/drink tables:

Parishioners with the last name A-L: Please bring a drink to share, for example a 2 liter of soda, or 12 waters or juice boxes

Parishioners with the last  name M-Z: Please bring a snack to share, for example a bag of chips or a dozen cupcakes.

Together we will make this a great Parish event


Please RSVP or Volunteer via EMAIL:, or via FACEBOOK: St. Bridget Catholic Community, or by PHONE: Sister Margaret 215.844.4126 x103

Service Credit is given to children who need CYO, School, or Organization Service Hours:


(all materials are provided)
Ghost/Tissue taffies
Haunted House pictures w chalk and black construction paper
Halloween Tattoos
Coloring Pages
Treat Bags Renee Kyle moderator


Spinning Wheel w prizes
Pumpkin Bowling:  Amanda Flanagan moderator
Witch Hat Ring Toss
Bean Bag Toss
Please RSVP or Volunteer via EMAIL:, or via Facebook: St. Bridget Catholic Community, or by Calling: Sister Margaret 215.844.4126 x103

October Newsletter

St. Bridget Parish–a people called  to know Jesus, to love Jesus, and to serve Jesus.

“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.” 



October 26, 2013


After the 4PM Mass
Please join us in the Parish Hall for games, crafts, and of course TREATS!


Trick or Treat parade will take place at 5:30 PM.

Parishioners are asked to bring a candy or treat to hand to the trick-or-treaters during the parade.
St. Bridget Parish will provide light food, we are asking Parishioners to contribute to the event:
  Parishioners with the last name beginning with A-L please bring a drink to share
 (for example a 2 liter of soda or 12 juice boxes or bottles of water)
  Parishioners with the last name beginning with M-Z bring a snack or dessert to share
(for example a bag of chips or a dozen cupcakes)

Children are able to wear their Halloween costume to Mass for the event.


November 3, 2013

Guest Speaker: Louise Feder, “Discovering Grace”

Ms. Louise Feder will be coming to represent the Michener Museum and give a presentation on Princess Grace Kelly and her relationship to St. Bridget Parish.
Please join us in Church after the 11 AM Mass.
Click here to familiarize yourself with the topic:



NOVEMBER 15, 2013


Children in Kindergarten thru 4th grade are invited to join us in Saint Brendan’s gathering space Friday, November 15, 2013 from 6:30-8:00 PM. Children will be read a story and relate it to Scripture,  complete a craft, and sing a song complementing the story. It will be a great time to meet or reconnect with other children in the Parish. Look for more details in the Parish Bulletin and our facebook page and website.  All children are asked to bring a drink, snack will be provided.




Over 30 people attended the special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. Please view pictures of this prayer service here:


Father Noone graciously blessed the family pets of East Falls on October 6th. Click here for the album of this event.



Many parishioners have been touched by the life of Dr. Bartuska. Our Saint Bridget family was at the Drexel School of Medicine to see a Memorial bench, plaque, and tree dedicated in Dr. Bartuska’s honor.
Here are some pictures of the event to view:



 This  month the Food for Thought section of the website contains a reflection on the name Mary and Pumpkin Reflections.
You will find the articles on the drop down menu here:





Casserole pans for St. John’s Hospice will be available on October 26/27.
Pans can be delivered on Sunday, November 3rd  from 9 am until noon. St. John’s will pick them up on Wednesday, November 6th.


RCIA classes have begun.  If anyone is still interested please contact Tony Wzorek at 215-844-7746, Sister Margaret at 215-844-4126 ext 103   as soon as possible.



Mother’s Home in Darby, PA is a residential maternity shelter for women ages 18 and older with their babies. To help with the operating costs of this home, we are asking St. Bridget Parishioners for your assistance. Empty bottles may be taken from the back of church to be filled with any possible money donations. Bottles may be returned to the container in back of church any time until November 17.
Thank your for your support and generosity.



Prayer Shawl Committee:

Next Meeting Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013 after the 11 AM Mass in St. Brendan’s Meeting Rooms.

Adult Choir:

Choir continues every Monday night in church.  There is still time to come and join us.


For more Parish information, our weekly parish bulletin can be found on the website under Parish Life News drop down menu or by clicking here: