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St. Bridget Church, East Falls Welcomes You Back to Church Starting June 6th







Detailed Instructions for Returning to Mass

Great news!  Archbishop Pérez has announced that parishes of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will be able to resume public Masses the weekend of June 6 and 7.  We at St. Bridget’s look forward to welcoming you back! Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we make our way back to the in person celebration of the Mass.

While our county remains in the Yellow Phase of statewide reopening, all of us need to do our part to make sure that our return to Mass is a peaceful and safe experience for all. Please take the time to read the instructions below. We ask everyone to follow these guidelines when attending Mass during this period:




  • At least initially, only 2 Sunday Masses will be open to the public. The plan is to be back to 3 Sunday Mass by the Green Phase, if not earlier.
  • 4PM Saturday Vigil Mass, 9AM Sunday Morning Mass are open to the public. (Note:  11am Mass will be celebrated privately by one of the priests.)  
  • Daily Mass: 8AM Monday to Friday Masses are open to the public
  • Live stream will continue for 9AM Sunday Mass and 8AM Mass Monday to Friday.


  • Please wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap and water.
  • Before entering the Church, please put on a face mask or cloth covering. Exceptions to this are “children younger than 2 years old, anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious, and anyone who is incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face covering without assistance” (CDC Guidelines).
  • Please do not come to Mass if you are sick or are at higher risk for severe illness with COVID19 (see above).
  • Missalettes will not be in the pews during this period. You are welcome to use your smartphone to follow the Mass or bring your own copy of the readings.


  • Consider bringing your own personal hand sanitizer. We intend to provide hand sanitizers at the Church entrances. Please use the hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the Church.


  • We are permitted 50% capacity in the church building during the Yellow Phase, for this reason we are roping off pews to maintain 6 feet social distancing.
  • When taking your seat, please honor all posted signs about where you may sit. We will mark pews available for seating to ensure proper social distancing.
  • Members of the same household may sit together as normal. Please place 6 feet between your household and members of a different household.


  • There will be no Sign of Peace during Mass during the Yellow Phase.
  • The Precious Blood will not be distributed during Mass during the Yellow Phase.
  • There should be no holding of hands during the Our Father.


  • Instructions will be announced at Mass for reception of communion.  
  • Please maintain social distancing in the Communion line. Please keep several pews between yourself and the person in front of you while in line and when returning to your pew.
  • During the Yellow Phase, the faithful are asked to receive Holy Communion in the hand.
  • Please remove your mask before receiving Holy Communion.
  • Those who want to receive on the tongue will be directed to a separate line in the church where the Eucharistic minister will sanitize their fingers after each Holy Communion given.




  • At the conclusion of Mass, please exit the Church and proceed directly to your car. Please do not congregate for any reason.
  • Please take a parish bulletin home with you
  • Please leave your mask on until you exit the Church.


St. Bridget will follow the guidelines from the CDC for sanitation as we resume public Masses. 

There are a lot of details here that are important, but the most important thing to remember is that we come together in Jesus’ name.   We pray to him and ask for his grace in our lives.   We come together to worship God, and receive the Holy Eucharist.   In receiving the Eucharist we receive Jesus, the Son of God.   Whenever you are anxious, remember Jesus.  He helps relieve our anxiety.   Remember the wonderful moto of the parish: “St. Bridget Catholic Community:  A welcoming church in East Falls, Philadelphia since 1853.  A people called To Know Jesus, To Love Jesus, To Serve Jesus.”   We welcome you back to St. Bridget church and look forward to the celebration of Mass with you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Bernard Taglianetti

Parochial administrator
St. Bridget Parish
East Falls, Philadelphia