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It is clear we need reform in our country that ends racism, unjust discrimination and violence against others.    These are born of hatred which achieves no good  in the heart of anyone.   I support peaceful protests to change our country.   At the same time I am against riots, looting, and violence against our police officers, law enforcement agents, and fire fighters.  These are our first responders who sacrifice their own safety to protect us every day.  They need our support.   I am forwarding Archbishop Pérez’s message below with which I agree.
Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Taglianetti

Statement of Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez Regarding the Death of George Floyd…

The hearts of Americans across the country are joined together in collective mourning following the tragic, disturbing, and unnecessary death of George Floyd. In the name of the people of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, I express my prayerful condolences and join with all who are struggling to cope with this heavy burden of sorrow and grief.

Recent events in Minneapolis are a stark reminder that the vile evil of racism has not been stamped out in this country. Rather, it has been resurgent in communities throughout our land for the last several years with old wounds being painfully ripped open time and again.

Racial hatred has no place in our world, including here in the United States, or in the hearts of people. Every life is a precious gift from God. Racism is a mortal sin and an attack on that gift. All of us share a responsibility to bring an end to this evil and to do so in a way that seeks justice and peace. The perpetual cycle of pain and anguish must end.

May God give all of us courage and solace as we work together for social justice and to preserve our land as one of equality and opportunity for every citizen. May He bring peace to Minneapolis and to our Philadelphia region and may He rekindle within each of our hearts true love and respect for our fellow human beings.

+Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez

Archbishop of Philadelphia

Opening St. Bridget’s Church, Saturday June 6th

Dear St. Bridget’s Parish, 

We have great news.   St. Bridget’s will be open for public Mass starting this Saturday, June 6th.   Please see the following events and instructions below.

  1. Bridget Church will be open for public Mass, Saturday, June 6th, along with the rest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
  2. Fr. Feeney’s funeral Mass is Saturday June 6th at 11AM with a view beforehand at 9am. We will live stream the funeral Mass for anyone who would like to watch it online. 
  3. While the obligation to attend Mass is suspended, you are welcome to return for the vigil on Saturday at 4pm and the 9am Sunday Mass. The 11 am Mass will be celebrated privately by a priest and will offer the Mass intention. 
  4. Daily Mass is Monday to Friday at 8AM and is also open to the public starting June 8th.
  5. Please wear a mask and wash your hands if you come to church. 
  6. When you arrive at church the Pews will be roped off to keep us less than 50% capacity in the church. 
  7. Instructions for receiving communion will be given at Mass.
  8. Thank you for those volunteering to clean and sanitize the church. I look forward to seeing you Thursday morning.    
  9. Thank you to everyone who has dropped off their Sunday Collection Envelopes and signed up for online giving. You are helping with parish expenses and employee salaries.
  10. If you have not done so already, please fill out the Census form online or drop off a paper form at the rectory.
  11. The parish bulletin can be found on the St. Bridget website.
  12. The Church is open this week for personal prayer and Confession Monday to Wednesday from 1-3pm. The church is closed for cleaning Thur and Friday.

Detailed instructions for returning to St. Bridget Church

We look forward to your return,
God Bless you and keep you safe,

Fr. Taglianetti

parochial administrator
St. Bridget Parish
East Falls, Philadelphia

Resources for Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament

Below is a list of resources and suggestions offered by St. Bridget parishioners to help with prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.   The list was compiled by Eileen ORourke from a parish wide email discussion we had this past week.   It was inspiring to hear insights and testimonies from so many.   We hope this helps during the coronavirus shutdown and beyond — Fr. Taglianetti
Email from Eileen ORourke:
Thanks to all who participated last week in sharing their prayer stories.  It was so inspiring to hear your ways of praying before the Blessed Sacrament.  Below is a short summary of the responses received.
God bless you all.
G.I.F.T – Growing in Faith Together



Online Adoration: (Thanks Kelly for this!!)

Word on Fire – Bishop Barron’s website

Augustine Institute

Pray more Novenas – Via web which comes to your Inbox every day, or the APP for your phone. (I downloaded the App, and it sends you an alert for whatever time you set it – time to pray your novena!)

Aleteia – will send spiritual articles to your email every day

Sound Cloud App

E-Magis – – they will also send spiritual resources to your Inbox periodically

Hints to deal with distractions:

Reading Scripture and Lectio Divina (There are some CD’s in the Resource Center by Dr. Tim Gray which walks you through the steps of Lectio.  Check out the many resources on the Augustine Institute’s website, or the Magis website)

Invite Jesus into the distractions – helps you to concentrate more on God than the distractions

Picture Jesus saying “Relax, come spend some time with Me.  Leave everything else outside.

Good spiritual books – see suggestions below:

Personal Prayer A guide to receiving the Father’s love

In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart–The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

There will be 2 copies of each of the above in the Resource center once we can get back to church.  They are both also available on Amazon if you would like your own personal copy.  There are many other good spiritual books in the Resource center that can also help.

St. Francis DeSales:  “If the heart wanders or is distracted, bring it back to the point quite gently… And even if you did nothing during the whole of your hour but bring your heart back, though it went away every time you brought it back, your hour would be very well employed.”

Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane asking his friends, “Could you not stay with me one hour?”

Cultivate other prayer spaces where you can practice being still and silent, and surrender thoughts and worries, which can help when before the Lord in the Eucharist.  These tiny windows expand to vacation views at Adoration.

Praise and Thanksgiving – either in prayer or music